Media brief

Media brief
Photo by NMG Network / Unsplash

This week: E-bike providers say facilities in UK need pumping up while e-scooter firms feel left behind in the race to capture a growing market...And there's more evidence of importance of preventing biodiversity loss and the benefits of green space on mental health.

The e-bike rental market is booming in the UK but lack of parking is holding back growth. (Environment Journal)

In London, borough councils are being urged to provide more, better designed parking bays and to standardise inconsistent rules. (Cities Today)

While the city has been criticised for disadvantaging e-scooter market, which is more tightly regulated when compared with e-bikes. (CiTTi Magazine)

In Indonesia, a community fights to protects precious mangrove forests. (Mongabay)

Researchers find biodiversity loss leads to increased carbon emissions as stored carbon is released from plants. (Nature cited in Mongabay)

And access to green space can reduce anti-depressant drug usage. (Science Direct)